Client Case: TTP Group (ENG)

TTP Group

The TTP Group is a group of companies with offices in Germany , Austria , Switzerland , France , Belgium and India . It specializes in consulting and engineering services for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries . With its workforce of approximately 1,100 employees , the group generates revenue of around € 175 million . www . ttp-group . eu
• Since 2018 , the group has been generating strong revenue growth of about 34 %.
• But it was producing an EBITDA margin that was only average by industry standards .
• Following a period of company acquisitions to expand its product portfolio and the transformation into a European group , the company failed to fully tap the optimization offered by centralization .

CASE STUDY | Transformation

RESULTS goetzpartners conducted a detailed company analysis as part of a performance program . In particular , this analysis closely examined the areas of indirect personnel , indirect costs , IT tools and software licenses . Internal and external benchmarks were set to determine the size of the profitability gap that separated the group from its competitors .
As part of its analysis of personnel , goetzpartners identified the option of centralizing particular units and services as a key optimization lever . Workshops were held with the company ’ s managers for the purpose of jointly developing various scenarios for the reorganization and centralization potential . goetzpartners also conducted activity analyses of selected employees and identified ways to modify wage costs by transferring employees to different locations . Other savings potential could be tapped by taking such steps as billing the end customer for the preparation of tenders .
goetzpartners identified the key value levers in the company in the shortest amount of time . These findings then laid the foundation for a successful transformation .
Dr . Andreas Bonhoff , CEO of the TTP Group
goetzpartners also presented a series of recommendations that the company could use to lower its indirect costs . These recommendations included harmonizing and centralizing selected processes and groupwide policies . It also recommended that employer branding should be strengthened , employee development and training optimized and marketing professionalized . In the area of IT & software licenses , goetzpartners focused on weeding out substitutable licenses and applying the forward-looking IT strategy used by a subsidiary in other companies .
• Optimization potential of up to € 2.9 million identified .
• Measures to potentially boost EBITDA by about 19 % developed .
• Long-range
engineering company
in the chemical and
industries envisioned .
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