Client Case: Stadtwerke Bochum

Stadtwerke Bochum

Stadtwerke Bochum Netz GmbH is a 100 % subsidiary of Stadtwerke Bochum Holding GmbH located in Bochum

CASE STUDY Transformation

RESULT stadtwerke-bochum-netz . de
The responsibilities of management staff at the Netzgesellschaft energy provider of the Stadtwerke Bochum Group founded in 2011 included : Maintaining and operating electricity , water and gas grids , handling market regulation and transforming the business model .
Although the 56 executives , from managing director to shop foreman , had a concentrated pool of expertise at their fingertips , they had little experience in entrepreneurial leadership as a team .
Since 2015 , goetzpartners has been helping managerial staff to optimize their exchange with each other and the employees and drive entrepreneurial initiativeat all levels .
With the " Leadership 2.0 " approach created specifically for the development of executive staff , the participants were able to immediately apply new procedures and methods in their daily business activities – and anchor them sustainably within the organization .
goetzpartners ' leadership approach actively and continuously supported the managers in maintaining an open dialog , sharing best practices , instilling appreciation and a sense of purpose , and motivating employees to make and accept changes .
All this has become an integral part of the energy provider ' s corporate culture through the Leadership 2.0 process . The result : entrepreneurial creativity and pro-active commitment at all levels .
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