Client Case: SanderStrothmann Group

SanderStrothmann Group

SanderStrothmann Group , is a leading certified full-service CDMO in the fast-growing market for cosmetic , beauty and healthcare products .
• Primary buy-out from the companies founders and shareholders
• Fast-paced M & A auction process with aggressive competing bidders and tightening deadline

CLIENT CASE Debt Advisory

• Competing frontrunner aimed for exclusivity with various interested financiers leading to reduced number of available financing sources
• Limited sell-side information materials and no sell-side lender education causing differing information base and appetite of financing providers
goetzpartners Debt Advisory was mandated to structure the financing solution and to manage a competitive debt financing process . In order to secure a successful financing and provide the client with two possible financing solutions , an all-senior bank club and a unitranche structure , the advisor team approachedboth banks and debt funds .
goetzpartners provided key support during the entire transaction process by performing a lender education , managing third-party due diligence providers to ensure targeted and bankable due diligence reports , preparing relevant transaction documents , and giving key advice during the credit documentation phase .
• Structured an optimal acquisition financing solution , securing best market terms in a short-timed process , meeting tough and tightening deadlines
• Managed a competitive debt financing process with both banks and debt funds
• Lender education and management of due diligence process to ensure bankable due diligence reports , tailormade to specific needs of acquisition lenders
• Provided a competitive edge to Afinum during the process by best-market terms financing package , enabling Afinum to provide most attractive bid during M & A process
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