Client case: Global automotive and rail supplier

Global Automotive and Rail Supplier

The client is a global supplier for rail and commercial vehicles .
· Competitive market environment with rising cost pressure and requirement of cost savings / efficiency improvements

CLIENT CASE Transformation

· Historically grown organization with complex structures and strongly self-sufficient regions
· Shift of growth markets and product globalization create a need for global strategies and global collaboration
In a first phase , a new target operating model ( TOM ) concept was developed . Building on initial concepts of the client , the new organizational structure and underlying core governance principles were designed in an iterative approach , combining results from in-depth analysis such as stakeholder interviews , organizationalandfinancial baselining , andbenchmarking .
Following its sign-off , the TOM concept was further detailed with strong involvement of future key players . In a series of sprint meetings , the future organizational structure , roles , responsibilities , activities , and governance were elaborated comprehensively . This joint approach not only facilitated an efficient way of working but also increased acceptance across the organization . In parallel to designing the TOM , a financial target was quantified and verified bottom-up with concrete measures .
After finalization and documentation of the new TOM , goetzpartners supported in implementation planning to ensure a smooth yet successful transition .
· New global organizational set-up and operating model designed and detailed
· Global governance structure set up with clarified roles and strengthened global collaboration
· Global cost savings targets following the new lean set-up identified and broken down to concrete measures
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