Client Case: e-regio

e-regio e-regio is a German energy service provider based in Euskirchen and the Eifel region in North Rhine-Westphalia. It supplies households, companies, and public institutions in the region with natural gas, electricity and water and is also active in the fields of energy services, photovoltaics, project development and mobility. CASE STUDY PMI & Carve-out CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULT · Successful merger of two energy companies in a highly competitive market - · Development of a joint growth strategy for the merged company - · Operational preparation of organization, processes, and systems goetzpartners supported the two public utility companies e-regio and ene in their merger process. The goal was to develop a growth strategy for the joint future and to ensure a smooth operational transition for the start of the new organization (‘Day-1-Readiness’). Along a workshop-based approach, strategic goals of the new company were defined together with the executives of both utilities and corresponding strategic initiatives were developed to realize these goals. These were then evaluated in detail, qualitatively and quantitatively, in close cooperation with the responsible persons and operationalized along defined implementation plans. In parallel, all operational tasks in preparation for the merger were structured and prioritized in an overall program. In weekly sprint meetings, more than 50% of the workforce was involved in the implementation of the more than 350 milestones. With the help of a project management tool, the implementation was efficiently controlled and a high buy-in for the merger was anchored in the entire workforce. e-regio and ene have successfully completed the merger, thus joining forces in the region for sustainable growth. · Growth strategy developed, and synergy potentials identified - · Operational readiness of NewCo secured for ‘Day 1’ - · Implementation of a growth strategy and a high level of acceptance for the merger from the workforce achieved through continuous involvement FOLLOW US: © goetzpartners, 2020