ClearWorld March 2017 | Page 7





A successful product vision should always come from a need to improve people’s lives. While the idea of earning money or market share is certainly enticing, the best products are the ones that make a tangible difference in the lives of consumers. In the case of ClearWorld’s flexible solar panels, the product technology solves many human needs - including those often overlooked by the general public.

The installation of our RetroFlex panels on solar LED light poles improves safety conditions in cities across the world. Because our technology is hurricane resistant, light from our poles will not be interrupted by adverse weather conditions and will continue to provide the public with a safer environment. Our unique energy storage solution provides electricity access to those in rural areas who live off the grid. These are just a few of the many needs that ClearWorld products help to alleviate in the lives of our consumers.

On a greater scale, ClearWorld products are part of the solution to the world’s current biggest need - climate change. Renewable energy greatly reduces worldwide emissions from fossil fuels, and solar and renewable energy sources are the biggest tools that we have in our arsenal to slow down climate change.