ClearWorld June 2017 | Page 5


U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. Even some Republicans said that Trump shouldn’t back out of the Paris Deal and should just lower the U.S.’s commitment.

U.S. states and cities that were already committed to decarbonization are still going to work towards that goal. Nevada, California, New York and Illinois, are going to continue to work with or without the Clean Power Plan to work on reducing emissions. The states and businesses need to focus on having clean energy so they can lead the movement. Private industries are going to create solutions with or without the CPP. President Trump has commented on how he wants to help the coal industry, but because of economic reasons utilities are backing away from coal usage. Many coal plants are closing. The coal industry has been suffering for years.

Governor Jerry Brown has informally agreed to share innovation and technology ideas with China. China prepares to take a more commanding role in fighting climate change. China and California have signed an agreement to work together on reducing emissions, as the state’s governor warned that “disaster still looms” without urgent action on climate change. European countries and individual US states would fill the gap left by the federal government’s decision to pull out of the Paris Deal. The withdrawal really doesn't affect "business as usual" simply due to the commitment to make the world a better place and from an economic standpoint, as one of the biggest investments is clean tech and the cause of making the world a better place. The message and statement resounds very clearly and continuation of partnerships will only contribute to mankind and humanity, health and wellness. One man's policies cannot affect the positive action that continue to take place in the overall marketplace.

ClearWorld, with the use of its RETROFLEX and other related game-changing alternative energy technologies and solutions, proves time and again vast benefits for the environment, economy, and society.. As a direct effect, there are no harmful greenhouse emissions from fossil fuels. With our products and solutions, air pollution is reduced. Natural resources are preserved. Beyond these immediate and short-term results, the use of ClearWorld’s technology has a much broader range of long-term benefits. Crime rates have decreased, as city streets remain lit throughout the night. Local governments have the ability to re-allocate funds to meet more of a city’s socioeconomic needs. Renewable energy sources also stimulate economic growth, creating new jobs in manufacturing and installation. ClearWorld is a leader in renewable energy and smart city technology.