Clearview National May 2018 - Issue 198

WINDOWS » DOORS » CONSERVATORIES » GLASS » FABRICATORS » DISTRIBUTORS » INSTALLERS May 2018 Issue 198 » £3.00 » Do you want consistent IGU production? Your factory will run like clockwork with Super Spacer ® With its non-metal, fl exible foam construction, creating insulating glass units with Super Spacer ® is simpler, faster and streamlined. We offer three production entry levels, with proven equipment choices selected from several leading manufacturers: • Our manual system, Super Shop, enables a three-man team to produce up to 250 units per eight-hour shift. • The semi-automated system allows the same three-man team to produce up to 400 units per eight-hour shift. • A fully automated system allows a two or three-man team to produce up to 1200 units per eight-hour shift using automated robot spacer application, gas fi lling and perimeter sealing. Super Spacer ® is the leading warm edge solution for high speed, fully automated IGU lines worldwide. For a supplier you can rely on, it’s time you called Edgetech. T: 02476 992741 E: [email protected]