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CLEARTY DIVINE cream accented with deep red is used here - a powerful colour combination, which, in addition to the refinement of details, textures, finishes and furnishings, is key to the success ofthe room, An ornately carved, Indonesian inspired door leads from the living room to a narrow staircase, and to a hidden treasure below Situated in the centre core of the house, the 45 square meter wine cellar adds an element of nostalgia to this ryT --- ffi€ ffi€ ovenvhelmingly modern home. Home to 2500 bottles of fine wine, it is a favourite gathering place for friends and family. In the middle of the house a majestic double staircase curls upward to where the bedrooms, bathrooms and private living areas are ensconced. The ascent is almost heavenly as sunlight filters in through the skylights, creating an ethereal atmosphere, Upstairs, the expansive area of the main bedroom and bathroom has been designed in such a way that a peaceful and serene atmosphere has been achieved, Clamorous yet comfortable and practical, the dark wood used throughout the magnificent and illustrious bathroom complements the main bedroom, which is ELIZE JOUBERT DOORS 082 416 8522 HFX sYstEtvt5 012 991 4035 decorated in neutral tones, Fabulous furnishings complete this romantic story In the guest suite, the home owners have included floral accents, cheerful colours, and luxurious amenities. Far from being ovenvhelming, the room's careful balance of furnishings and accessories goes a long way toward Si.t?!, ,iryt:]z. ::!;-:t;::!: iti:4:? making it so inviting. Throughout this level, deiail and texture give the eyes plenty to feast upon, and every room abounds with thoughtful touches and loving details. From the top floor landing, the same sense of openness is felt, with large doors opening onto the outdoor enteftainment area. Here, the swim- ." ?<', {.:''a.t::.' ;,i... :'i g Q} ,.:'ir:rii , li li : r'r' r'" TOP: Leading down to the wine cellar, this solid wood door was handmade by Elize Joubeft Doors, specialist designers and manufacturers of decorated doors, skirtings and architraves. Custom made according to the home owners' requirements and specifications, the door emulates an lndonesian style and design, and features unique and intricate carvings. ABOVE: HFX Systems was responsible for the integration of a home theatre and multi room audio and video system into this extraordinary home. By supplying and installing sleek plasma screens and other specialist home entertainment equipment, the company effortlessly managed to provide both aesthetic pleasure and hi-tech functionality, ensuring continued enjoyment. LEFT: This versatile 1200 super deluxe spit braai, supplied by Home Fires, will enable you to do the occasional spit or grill sosaties and other marinated meat dishes to perfection, 5A Home owner I AUcusI 2005 I 33