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CIEARtY DIVINE OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Working closely with the home owners - consulting and advising as well as supplying 5ABS approved light flttings on site - Pegasus Lighting used a combination of lighting techniques and the selective positioning of light fittings to enhance the crisp design and innate beauty ofthis home. OPPOSITE PAGE BELOW: The skilful combination of gracious curves and linear contours make this home elegant and timeless. Constructed by the expert team at Francois Mynhardt Civil, the home epitomises the luxury and tranquillity of golf estate living. Attending to all matters of construction, the company worked its magic on this magnificent home with its customary skilled workmanship and professional service. Using superior materials and skilled expeftise, Francois Mynhardt Civil transformed the home owner's dreams into the reality of a superbly constructed home. LEFT: Francois Mynhardt Civil is the genius behind this awe-inspiring home, and was inrrolved in every aspect of the development, from assisting the architect with the initial plans through to the completion of this sparkling first floor swimming pool. A masterpiece in its own right, the pool offers a private retreat with amazing panoramic views. lt also forms the heart of the upstairs entertainment area, proviciing the perfect spot for a social soiree. FRANCOIS MYNHARDT CIVIL 012 809 2137 oasting great expanses of glass, this home glows both night and day with a wash of natural and recessed lighting. Add to this a multitude of doors that :3e^ 0nto expansive patios, pale walls that lie ::^:ath a breezy, floating ceiling, and glass . -::.s -=,-: -., tha.t add a certain high-end iuxury - the s'rhis maqnum opus, ^,; curchased a stand in the exclusive i =- -: