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The Only Permanent Fabric Protector In The World
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The ONLY Permanent Fabric Protector in the World

Clean As A Whistle is pleased to be Houston ’ s exclusive provider of MicroSeal , the only permanent fabric
protector in the world . In addition to being permanent , MicroSeal offers these benefits :
Environmentally Friendly MicroSeal is a safe product for your family , home and environment . It has been recognized by the EPA as a safe carrier . The non-toxic and non-allergenic formula is safe for any home , but it is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly . MicroSeal is waterless , therefore cannot shrink or discolor surfaces . It actually helps strengthen fibers while remaining odorless and colorless and can be applied to soiled fabrics , as the formula will not lock in dirt .
Resists Wear and Abrasion Treated fibers are up to 60 % more resistant to wear and abrasion , as the soil must wear off the protectionbefore causing wear on the fibers . Similarly fibers would have to wear off the
protective MicroSeal finish before they can wear on each other . This “ wear resistance ” promotes longer fabric life and less frequent replacement .
The MicroSeal formula can be used on virtually every type of fibrous material including wool , cotton , nylon , polyester blends , silk , natural suede , synthetic suede and even smooth finished leather . The MicroSeal formula is not effective on vinyl .
Resists Soiling and Staining With the protection provided by MicroSeal , soil remains on the fiber surface . This allows for easier , faster and more efficient cleaning thus reducing labor and cleaning costs . MicroSeal ’ s also prevents sun fading ( by nearly 100 % on many fabrics ), mildew , static electricity , smoke density and flame spread .
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