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“ We are all in this together . Covid showed us how fragile our economies are , and how interdependent we are as individuals and as companies and communities on people from all walks of life and cultures . There is no business that can ’ t benefit from a better educated workforce around diversity and inclusion .”
That ’ s how Shawn Stockman describes some of the take-aways his company found from participating in CLDA ’ s training on creating an inclusive culture for all team members .
The training is a members-only benefit introduced a year ago to help companies develop an inclusive culture to attract , recruit , and retain an engaged and talented workforce . Members that have taken this online training have found it elevates their team ’ s dynamics with different perspectives on problem solving , creates an energetic workforce and promotes an environment that attracts and retains team members . In addition , shippers are increasingly looking for ways to enhance their own environmental , social and governance ( ESG ) footprints , which extends to the companies they want to do business with , including couriers .
Stockman ’ s company , OnePak , was one of the first CLDA members to offer the training to its team members . CLDA Magazine asked him about their reactions to the training . Here ’ s what he told us .
CLDA Mag : Tell us about your company and your role there .
Stockman : I am the Vice President of Sustainability Solutions at OnePak . We are a reverse logistics platform company that provides carbon-neutral logistics for asset recovery and other circular economy challenges .
CLDA Mag : Why did your company decide to participate in the training ?
Stockman : We are an ESG-driven company , and diversity and inclusion training is a critical part of that strategy .
CLDA Mag : What was your reaction to the training ?
Stockman : I liked the use of real people rather than actors , giving a variety of authentic viewpoints mixed in with lessons learned .
CLDA Mag : Why was that important to your company ’ s success ?
Stockman : We work with global clients , so our customer base is extremely diverse , and we need our staff to not only represent an equal level of diversity , but also be sensitive to and appreciative of the value of other cultures and perspectives .
CLDA Mag : Why do you think it was effective ?
Stockman : I liked the range of situations presented , as it represented realistic predicaments that I might find myself in , with a clear path to handling them successfully .
CLDA Mag : What changes , if any , did you make to your organization as a result of the information you got from the training ?
Stockman : We incorporated quarterly information sessions in the company to touch base with each other about these issues .
CLDA Mag : Would you recommend the training to other members ?
Stockman : Yes , I would because it is a great start to introducing the importance of diversity and inclusion values that every company needs . Because of CLDA ’ s support of the training , it allows members to take advantage of the most affordable training on this subject that we have seen on the market . The value for the dollar is exceptional .
CLDA members that want to attract and retain team members and open the door to new business can take advantage of this member-only benefit at a very low cost . The first session is free for the first three team members and $ 15 per team member up to 50 . It ’ s only $ 10 per team member for up to 500 . To start building a welcoming culture today , see the Education & Events tab on the CLDA website . CLDA
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