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It ’ s Not Your Parent ’ s Final Mile

By Andrea Obston CLDA Director of Public Relations

This is the greatest time in the history of mankind to learn and take something with us !

W ith that bold assertion , supply chain guru Jim Tompkins summarized 2020 and charged Final Mile Forum participants to move forward , capping off the Final Mile Forum in the future of our industry .

” If you think about the past 100 years the most critical and upsetting events have been the Great Depression , the Great Financial Disaster of 2008 and the Great Pandemic of 2020 ,” he pointed out . “ The economics of the Depression and of the Pandemic are the worst of these , but there is an upside : The Great Pandemic was one heck of a great learning experience and 2020 was one heck of a decade !” No , he did not misspeak . He did indeed label the 12 months in 2020 a decade . “ The 12 months in 2020 were equivalent to ten years from a learning perspective ,” he said .
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