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Five Mistakes on Background Checks That Can Put Your Company at Risk

t a time when so many carriers are desperate for drivers it ’ s tempting to skip the background check or loosen your standards . That ’ s not a good idea , according to Unna Edmonds , President , Owner and Operator of Premier Background Screening Services , LLC in Tomball , TX . “ While everyone is in a hurry to get drivers on the road these days , it can be a costly mistake to hire people without a background check or wait until after you start their training or put them on the road ,” she says . “ You open the door to potential problems . In addition , if you start their training before the background check , you could be spending time and money training them and end up not being able to use them .”
By Andrea Obston CLDA Director of Public Relations
Background checks allow you to valid that a candidate has the qualifications to do the job and does not have a work or life history that could signal potentially bad behavior . These checks should be a critical part of the process of bringing in any new drivers . “ A strong background screening program should be part of an overall systematic and well-designed hiring process that is focused on making the best possible hiring decision to bring the right talent into the organization ,” according to Edmonds . “ By performing a background screen , you reduce your liability from these relationships and start them off on the right foot .”
She lists the most common mistakes carriers make :
1 .
Neglecting to get release forms before running a check
2 .
Putting the driver to work before doing a background check
3 .
Not giving candidates the chance to correct background check mistakes
4 .
Turning to social media to vet a driver
5 .
Doing a check without the help of a professional employee background check service .
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