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Q : What are opportunities are out there for our members to jump into the air transport arena ?
Haigh : Life sciences , which includes the transportation of human tissue , medicine and test samples . Also , small industrial parts , automotive parts and any other small parcels .
Q : What are the myths that keep couriers from getting involved in air transport ?
Haigh : The first , and most common , is that it ’ s too hard . They believe that just setting up an account is tough . It ’ s not . For us , it ’ s pretty simple . You go online , you create an account , and we ’ ll get you up and running . Yes , there some steps in between registering and starting to move deliveries by air . But it ’ s not a two three-week process . It ’ s something that we can work through with you .
The second myth is that understanding the scheduling is tough . Not true . It ’ s all online . It ’ s almost like booking an airline ticket on United . You go to UnitedCargo . com , tell us where the package is coming from and where it needs to be , and we ’ ll show you the schedule and prices right there . We can also tell you our tender times , our hours of operation , our cut-off times and even where to drop the package . In some of our airports , you can event drop them right at the counter .
And if it ’ s not on the website , you can always call a local sales rep who will walk you through the process .
We have a product called QuickPak that ’ s specifically designed for the smaller packages that most couriers transport . It ’ s for shipments that are under 100 pounds and under 90 linear inches that need to be on the next flight out . With most of those shipments couriers can recover them within 60 to 90 minutes after the aircraft has landed , domestically . We have dedicated people who go out to the aircraft to retrieve these shipments and bring them to the QuickPak area .
Q : Do you need to be certified as a Known Shipper to pick up a package at the airport and get it to its ultimate destination ?
Haigh : No . That ’ s easy if you ’ re designated as somebody who can cover the shipment . At many United Airline facilities , you can even pick them up at the counter .
Q : You mentioned that United works with a lot of couriers in the life sciences space . What are the unique issues in the life science realm and how can couriers overcome them ?
Haigh : With life sciences , it ’ s all about ease of transit and quickness of getting those packages from point A to point B . We have a program called LifeGuard that ’ s specifically designed for these kinds of shipments . It ’ s customized for the transportation of human tissues or cell therapy treatments across the global United network with speed , careful handling and complete oversight by our expert team . It was particularly helpful when we were transporting COVID tests to labs for processing .
Jennifer Haigh is Head of Specialty Product Sales , America for United Cargo ® The company delivers business-friendly service via the cargo capacity of the world ’ s most comprehensive route network – nearly 4,500 flights a day to 339 airports operated by United Airlines and United Express . For more information go to unitedcargo . com
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