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CLDA Magazine spoke to Jennifer Haigh , Head of Specialty Products Sales at United Cargo about the ways her airline and many others help carriers jump into this lucrative vertical .
Q : Why is adding air transport a good thing for a courier ?
Haigh : It allows your courier company to do more for existing customers , as well as opening up new opportunities with new ones . Maybe you have a customer and you ’ re only servicing them in one or two cities . With the help of air carriers , you could expand what you do for them by covering more of the cities they want to reach .
You ’ re also offering your customers the advantage of speed . You can get something from the west to east coast in five to six hours .
There ’ s also the ability to easily track and trace goods going by air . With our systems you can let your customers know when their shipments have been loaded , when they are unloaded and where they are at all times .
Q : What keeps some couriers from adding air transport services to their customer offerings ?
Haigh : I think it ’ s not knowing how to approach the process . Not understanding the services or processes behind it .
There ’ s no question that there are a lot of details involved in air transport and the requirements can sometimes be intimidating . But once a courier can find a partner to work with that can provide guidance in the initial stages , they can offer more services to existing customers and bring in new ones by offering these services .
There are so many resources offered by airlines like United to help couriers take advantage of this vertical . It ’ s also useful to talk to the CLDA members who offer air transportation services . Everyone faces the same challenges and CLDA members can help share best practices and tell you what works for them .
Q : For a courier who may be saying “ Oh , that ’ s just not for me ” what would you say ?
Haigh : There ’ s an opportunity to grow your business that you ’ re missing out on . I ’ m a big fan of getting outside of your comfort zone and seeing what else is out there . There ’ s definitely a chance to work with airlines to see how we can grow a courier ’ s business together . You have customers that you ’ re now serving one way . This gives you the ability to do more for them and ultimately to help grow your business .
Q : There are couriers who rule this out before they even start . They don ’ t even look into it .
Haigh : I ’ m sure you ’ re right . There ’ s definitely more business out there and we ’ re always here to help them go after different opportunities . For those who are reluctant , I ’ d ask them this : Are there different and better ways to get your shipments from point A to point B that you haven ’ t considered ? Is there a piece of business you ’ ve been wanting to go after , but didn ’ t know how to take that first step ? We can help with that .
It ’ s about furthering your reach . You can get across country in six hours in the same day . You can fly a red eye and have something there the next morning . There ’ s an opportunity to be faster , quicker and more agile .
Q : Are there resources out there that can help a courier get into this vertical ?
Haigh : Our dedicated team can certainly help . We have a team of eight or nine people focused specifically on our specialty products . For more information on our product offerings , you can visit unitedcargo . com .
Then there are many organizations that you can use as a resource and , of course organizations like the CLDA . There ’ s plenty of business out there and I know you have members who are more than happy to share best practices . Talk to them . It ’ s doable . Don ’ t be afraid to ask . spring 2022 customized logistics & delivery Magazine 49