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opportunities to others in the association to develop an expanded group of volunteers so they can grow into roles with association and help position CLDA as the industry leader .”
Broadening membership – Jason believes it ’ s important that members of the association represent every business that ’ s part of the supply chain and every person involved in the industry . “ The face of this industry is changing . The CLDA should involve every company with a stake in the supply chain and every team member who ’ s a part of their operations ,” he said . “ I want to reach out to members of the industry beyond last-mile carriers with a two-pronged approach . The first is to meet with the members where they are . We ’ ve always had our members come to us for our events . I want to bring the association to them . I ’ d like to go to three to four markets where we have a great concentration of current and prospective members and do town hall-type meetings . We ’ d ask members to bring in others they know in the industry . We ’ d give them the opportunity to network with CLDA members and get to know them . I ’ m hoping that will help them strike up relationships and see how the association can add value to their businesses .”
He wants to expand membership beyond last-mile providers . “ I ’ d like us to develop a strategy to identify and attract new entrants in the market , new providers in the final-mile space . People who are approaching this industry in new ways , through technology . Start-ups . Up-starts . Companies that are challenging the way we run this industry . In the past , we concentrated on attracting the traditional kind of operator . It ’ s time to widen our approach as a rising tide lifts all boats .”
Forecasting and Responding to Industry Changes - Members of the association are at the forefront of changes in the logistics sector . Jason would like to harness that knowledge to help forecast where the industry is headed . “ Our members are at the heart of what ’ s happening in this space ,” he says . “ There ’ s a lot of consolidation going on and they are in the thick of it . We ’ ve got to make sure that we have a value proposition that speaks to the players as the industry changes . I want to engage representative CEOs from a variety of companies involved in the industry and create a think tank around industry issues , legislative challenges , and new technology / opportunities for the final-mile sector . I want them to help us to be thought leaders about where the industry is going and what steps we can take to strategically influence our collective future . We should be the place that people turn to as a link to the future .”
Final Thoughts on Looking Forward
As we concluded the interview , CLDA magazine asked Jason to look into his own future . What would he like this presidency to be known for ?
“ I want us to continue to attract the best of the best in the industry ,” he said . “ I want to raise the bar for the association , from a management standpoint , a diversity standpoint and how we are valued in the supply chain sector .” CLDA
Where do you see the industry going ? How can the CLDA prepare you and others in the industry for it ? What initiatives would you like to see the association take on to stay ahead of industry changes ? Share your ideas in a short survey by clicking here or email him at President @ clda . org .
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