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The president was a woman my dad knew from being in the association . My dad made the connection , and I got a chance to see how they did things before I returned home ,” he says . “ I walked into their 80,000 square foot building and was amazed . At the time , QCS had no warehouse . I said to myself , ‘ We could do this .’ I went back home and kind of bombarded them with everything I saw in Philadelphia . I admit I did a lot of pushing . A lot of questioning . They heard a lot of ‘ whys ?’ and ‘ why nots ?’ and “ why can ’ t we …?’ from me . I saw this vision of our company going everywhere ; delivering everything .”
During his time at QCS , Jason did just about everything including working in operations , dispatch , customer service , business development and even doing deliveries when needed . He rose through the ranks and in 2017 he assumed the presidency . The company was recognized with the Inc . 5000 ’ s America ’ s Fastest Growing Companies awards in 2013 , 2014 , 2015 and 2016 . In 2014 , QCS was also recognized by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City as a Top 100 Icon of Industry . On a personal level , Jason earned recognition in 2021 as a Junior Achievement Rising Star . He is also a Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses Alumnus .
QCS ’ s successes drew the attention of a number of companies interested in acquiring it . In 2020 , QCS management accepted Dropoff ’ s offer . His experience with the QCS acquisition gave him the perfect background for his current position with Dropoff , as the company ’ s Director of Corporate Development . He and his family relocated to Austin , TX , where Dropoff is based , in 2021 .
The Kid at the Association Meetings Jason ’ s childhood memories are of attending meetings
of the MCAA , the CLDA ’ s predecessor . It was a family affair . “ Back in the day , my brother , Vinnie and I attended a couple of conferences with my parents . I remember one year my dad had the Mayor of New Orleans welcome everyone and give the MCAA a key to the city . At those meetings I saw some of the same guys I now serve with on the board . So , it ’ s come full circle now that I ’ ve been elected president .”
He joined the board in 2011 and became a part of the Executive Committee in 2016 . He has served as a member of the Final Mile Forum , Membership , Diversity & Inclusion , Technology , Executive Leadership Summit and the Executive Committees .
A Vision for the Future
Jason ’ s lifelong involvement with the industry and the association have given him the perspective to take on the role of president . “ I believe that I possess the knowledge , relationships and passion to continue our mission as the leading trade association for the final-mile industry ,” he says .
He has a clear vision of where he ’ d like to see the association headed . “ We have always attracted the best of the best in this industry . Now , I want to showcase the knowledge and expertise our members bring to the table ,” he says . His leadership platform has three goals :
• Restructure the management of the association
• Broadening the membership base
• Forecasting and responding to change in the industry .
Restructuring Management – “ I want to open up opportunities for talent at the management level of the CLDA ,” says Jason . “ Right now , the board members are doing much of the committee work . I want to spread those
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