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or carriers trying to maintain their capacity to deliver , those changes are hitting hard . Those dealing with a shrinking pool of driver candidates , may be tempted to relax their attitudes towards the use of quasi-legal substances such as cannabis . Afterall , it ’ s tough to keep up with the evolving legal landscape when it comes to these substances . But don ’ t do it because it can put your business at risk .
Here are a few things to consider , when dealing with these issues to ensure that those who are working can keep on working .
Know The Law in Your Area
Each state has its own way of approaching the use of cannabinoids and it can be a challenge to sift through the multiple layers of legislation to figure out what applies to your company . Some industries have federal , state , county and even municipal rules and regulations to consider . Luckily , most of the rules and regulations are readily available online but oftentimes they conflict . For example , marijuana remains a controlled substance
There are also considerable questions surrounding substances like CBD and Delta-8 THC . CBD and THC are the chemical components of marijuana . While CBD ( cannabidiol ) produces no psychoactive effect , THC ( tetrahydrocannabidiol ) does produce a “ high ” associated with psychoactive impact . Typically , Delta-8 THC is produced from hemp ( as opposed to marijuana ) but is often concentrated through a chemical process . More importantly , Delta-8 THC use can create a positive result on a drug screen .
Many of these substances have the veneer of legality because they are sold at places frequented by commercial drivers like convenient stores and gas stations . While some jurisdictions have been more proactive in providing guidance on these quasi-legal substances , most have not . Consider one example : Georgia outlaws the possession of marijuana in one section of the law but not hemp in a different section of the law . However , when reviewing Georgia law regarding hemp , we see that it uses a limit of THC concentration as defined by federal law . As such , a business would , at a minimum , have to consult three separate laws to determine the legality of an unregulated bottle of CBD Gummies sold at a local gas station , as well as the legality of a driver ’ s use of it .
The bottom line is this : you must understand all of the legal landscapes in which you operate . The last thing your business needs is to have a driver ensnared
Time is money and thus it is vital to spend some time becoming knowledgeable of the laws in play where your business operates to save money .
at the federal level even though multiple states have decriminalized personal use of the drug . in a bizarre set of regulations created by a small city . Time is money and thus it is vital to spend some time becoming knowledgeable of the laws in play where your business operates to save money .
Develop Your Policy
Once you have a good understanding of this patchwork of rules and legalities , it ’ s time to develop a policy that is circulated to everyone associated with your company . spring 2022 customized logistics & delivery Magazine 35