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Ruth Ospino , Owner & CEO of Tempo Transport
Ospino : Yes , but they are not done working when they retire . Many have done the stay-at-home thing for a while after they stopped work and then are ready to go back to a job .
CLDA Mag : Why do you like having them as part of your team ?
Ospino : They seem to be more honest and more loyal . Unlike some of the younger people in the workforce , they don ’ t need to hop from job to job .
CLDA Mag : So , you ’ re saying they tend to stick around longer ?
Ospino : Yes . About 10 % of our drivers are over 60 and not one of them has been here less than five years . They tend to stick with it .
And if they are thinking about leaving , they ’ re going to be honest about why . They don ’ t just go . If there ’ s something happening that they ’ re not comfortable with , they ’ ll be honest and tell you . They communicate well about their expectations ; what they want from a job . They will tell you up front what kind of work they want and what they don ’ t want .
CLDA Mag : Are there jobs that they are better suited for ?
Ospino : They are a good match for routed work . I especially like putting them on with our medical customers . Their maturity and knowledge bring a lot to the table especially for these kinds of time-critical deliveries . They understand the importance of these deliveries . Now that I think of it , most of my older drivers do service our medical customers .
CLDA Mag : Are there jobs where they won ’ t be a good fit ?
Ospino : I wouldn ’ t put any of our drivers who are over 60 on jobs that involve moving heavy freight , like moving furniture . Although , I do have one right now who ’ s over 60 doing home delivery . I just don ’ t think it ’ s going to be a good fit for him long term . Right now , though , he seems to be enjoying the work .
CLDA Mag : What do you suggest for someone thinking about looking for drivers over the age of 60 ?
Ospino : Do it ! They are a great addition . Especially now when it ’ s hard to find drivers . I will say , though , that the way I ’ ve been finding them in the past is no longer working as well . Before , I ’ d get a lot of older workers through Craigslist . Now , it seems that Facebook is a better way to reach them .
CLDA Mag : What advice do you have about building long-term relationships with older drivers ?
Ospino : I think communication is the key . That one-on-one communication is different from generation to generation and with many of those over 60 , it ’ s critical . I ’ m not categorizing everybody in this , but I do feel that the older generation really values knowing that they are appreciated . We make sure to thank them for what they do and that goes a long way . It doesn ’ t need to be much . Just a quick thank you . They really appreciate that . They like knowing that they are needed . I think everybody does , but for some reason , I feel that the older generations appreciate that more than any other drivers .
CLDA Mag : What would you say you should not do when it comes to this group of drivers ?
Ospino : Don ’ t underestimate them . Don ’ t think they can ’ t do something because of their age . I think it offends them . Don ’ t ever say , “ Oh , that ’ s not for you .” Trust me , they ’ ll tell you if a job is not what they want . They have no problem communicating !
CLDA Mag : Is the use of older workers something you ’ ve been considering recently because of the driver shortage ?
Ospino : Actually , no . I ’ ve been using them from since the beginning when I started my company in South Florida . There are so many retirees there . In fact , we have two key drivers out of our Florida location who have been with us since I founded the business over 14 years ago . When I started my business , I realized what a good fit they would be for the work we do .
CLDA Mag : Give us some parting thoughts about working with older drivers .
Ospino : Diversity in my driver pool has shown to be key in servicing my different clients . I enjoy all different backgrounds and age groups and the strengths they bring to the work force . I value the older drivers and their drive to continue to stay active and motivated . CLDA
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