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Cocchia ’ s company looks for ICs who are driven , detail-oriented , and good communicators . “ I think because they ’ re more motivated to make money they are more likely to work hard . They want to do their deliveries quickly and accurately because they know that inaccuracies cost them time if they must go back to fix things ,” he says .
He pointed out that ICs that are a bad fit for the job often leave on their own . “ These drivers weed themselves out ,” he says . “ The bad IC is not making enough money for the time they invest . They leave of their own accord . They ’ ll say , “’ This isn ’ t working out for me ’ and we ’ re thinking , ‘ Yeah , it ’ s not working out for us either .’”
When it comes to turnover among ICs , Cocchia says it ’ s often because they aren ’ t prepared to be their own bosses . “ I think a lot of people get into being ICs without understanding fully what it is . They ’ re not hungry and they ’ re not committed to getting their businesses started ,”
he says . “ We do see some churn with newer drivers because of this . Those are the ones where it just wasn ’ t a fit . And that ’ s fine . They decide that it ’ s not right for them . The good ICs stay because they ’ re making great money . They control their own profits .”
The Right Driver . The Right Fit .
Deciding on the model that works for your company is based on your mix of customers ; your local pool of potential drivers and often the state in which you operate . Companies in states like California and New Jersey may find the employee model less cumbersome based on the state ’ s laws and regulations . For other states , like Florida or Arizona , the IC model may work better .
In the end , it ’ s all about getting deliveries when and where the customer wants them . That ’ s the ultimate model for success . CLDA
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