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In today ’ s ultra-competitive market , it ’ s not just about finding the right person for the route . You need to stand out from the crowd of delivery companies vying for that driver by persuading them your company is a good fit for their business . By having an established company culture you ’ ll have an advantage over the competition .
The following suggestions can help you attract the best capacity for your business :
1 . Advertise openings on the right platforms , in the right way .
First , gather knowledge of how your ideal ICs prefer to consume information . For example , do ICs in transportation and delivery browse LinkedIn and Facebook , or do they prefer online job boards like Indeed . com ? Your IC search will yield a higher ROI if you advertise on platforms that your target demographic uses .
The companies with the happiest employees and ICs can reach a broader audience on social media , as people are more likely to share or repost your advertisement to help spread the word - yet another reason why a positive company culture is invaluable .
The advertisement or post should provide a transparent description of the work . For example , if certain certifications are required , make that clear right away . If you practice transparency at the very outset of the process , it will save both your company and the IC a lot of headaches later on .
2 . Make your contracting process mobile-friendly .
Never underestimate the impact of a mobile-friendly contracting portal in today ’ s market : At least 94 % of American job seekers use their smartphone to conduct research , and half have completed the required forms over the phone . Leverage this trend by ensuring your website , and especially your candidate portal , is mobile-responsive and easy to navigate on a smartphone or tablet .
3 . Conduct quality phone interviews .
Phone screenings are an important part of the contracting process . Often , they can help to quickly identify whether the IC ’ s business is a good fit with your company . Of course , it falls on the company representative to conduct phone screens that effectively accomplish their purpose .
Generally , the caller should :
• Keep the phone screen short
• Stay on topic
• Ask standardized questions
• Take notes during the interview .
An established process for conducting phone screens will lead to savings in time and resources , as well as better contractor business fits .
4 . Never stop searching for quality talent through referrals .
ICs who enjoy contracting with your company can be the best avenue for referral sources . For instance , they may recommend a contracting opportunity to another IC with similar skills and qualifications . You may even want to ask these ICs to send solid contractors your way . Never discount the impact of this built-in network .
Offering perks and benefits to employees is a given . However , as a contracting company , you cannot legally directly offer these benefits and perks to ICs . So how can you implement a program that helps retain the best ICs ?
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