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action despite widespread support for both measures . Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer ( D-N . Y .) has urged the Senate to advance the trade legislation , which will allow the U . S . to hike tariffs on Russian products , as Biden meets with European allies in Brussels to coordinate a response to Russia ’ s invasion . Republicans , however , have quibbles on the details of the bill , with Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden ( D-Ore .) and ranking member Mike Crapo ( R-Idaho ) cosponsoring a bill ( S . 3786 ) that includes oil and trade provisions , although with some differences from the House measures . The two also negotiated changes to the House oil ban bill , which means that implementation of the bill will be delayed as the differences are worked out in further negotiation . Beyond the foreign policy situation , the Senate will soon be locked in a fight over the new Supreme Court nominee , Ketanji Brown-Jackson , whose historically important nomination already appears set to become a major focus for Democrats in the near term .
All of this means that Democrats being able to get anything domestic policy-related through Congress using the expedited budget reconciliation process in the Senate looks very unlikely , which is the only way anything like the PRO Act labor provisions could pass in that chamber . We consider this a serious win for CLDA and for the larger coalition assembled to stop the PRO Act .
Air Cargo Advocacy with Congress
CLDA ’ s return to the Air Cargo show in New Orleans this year was very well received . Expanded advocacy efforts to represent more of the logistics supply chain through enlarged coalitions and more key partnerships was a prominent part of our discussions there . As a result , CLDA is organizing two air cargo-focused panels for the Final Mile Forum in June in Miami on Thursday , June 30 : a morning panel featuring senior executives from several air carriers , and an afternoon panel featuring John Beckius , Executive Director , Air Cargo Division , at Transportation Security Administration .
After our outreach calls with the Members of Congress on the Congressional Air Cargo Caucus , we made a proposal to the Air Cargo Caucus to organize a staff briefing for the offices of all 35 Members of Congress who participate in the Air Cargo Caucus . Every one of their Congressional districts are supported by air cargo , either directly by an air cargo carrier , indirectly by industries that support air cargo , by industries that rely on air cargo , or by any one of their constituents as they go about their daily lives .
At Air Cargo 2022 , we were able to confirm that Wally Devereaux , Managing Director , Cargo and Charters for Southwest Airlines , will be a featured speaker at CLDA ’ s Air Cargo Caucus briefing in the coming months .
Also , the CLDA Government Affairs Team has invited Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar ( R-FL-27 ) to speak either in person or virtually at the Advocacy Fund luncheon occurring at the Final Mile Forum on Thursday , June 30 . Rep . Salazar sits on the House Small Business Committee and is Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Contracting and Infrastructure . She also sits on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs .
NLRB Issues Notice to Reconsider IC Classification Standard
In a notice issued December 27 , 2021 , the National Labor Relations Board invited parties and amici to submit briefs addressing whether the Board should reconsider its standard for determining the independent contractor status of workers . The standard in question was the common-law standard . The NLRB in 2019 overturned an anti-IC standard first imposed in 2014 , and at that time restored the common-law standard in its place . Now the Board is proposing to change the standard yet again and replace it with the Obama-era standard , which is less friendly towards ICs and those who contract with them .
The IC community , and the businesses that contract with ICs , cannot handle such a constant whiplash effect .
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