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By Andrea Obston CLDA Director of Public Relations
By Andrea Obston CLDA Director of Public Relations

K eeping up with record backlogs and the traditional gift buying season will make this Holiday Rush one for the books . That ’ s the consensus of two industry veterans , one , the owner of a logistics company and the other a supply chain service provider .

Steve Howard is president of the Customized Logistics & Delivery Association ( CLDA ) and the president of Esquire Logistics , Inc in Florida . Chris Kane is the CEO of Drivv powered by Courierboard & CBDriver also based in Florida .
Both men acknowledge that the unique challenges facing carriers this holiday season make preparing for it a challenge . “ It ’ s a big unknown ,” said Howard . “ We have been extremely busy all year with peak numbers every day . There are so many unidentified variables that could impact this year ’ s Holiday Rush . People are already buying on-line in record numbers , so there ’ s every reason to expect they ’ ll do the same with holiday gifts . And let ’ s not forget the last few Holiday Seasons when the big three , UPS , Fed-EX and USPS , struggled with volume . I have every reason to believe that they will be hard-pressed again in handling this holiday season ’ s volume . That will most likely mean more work for our members , who are mostly regional providers .”
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