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Transportation Industry Projections to Watch in 2022

SPOILER ALERT – technology plays a critical role

We ’ re closing in on the end of 2021 and can all agree to one thing : it was a doozie of a year . The pandemic touched every part of our lives and we are still waiting for the fallout of what that means as we move into a new year . Of all the changes , one of the most consistent has been the pivot from brick-and-mortar shopping and dining to relying on the technology to order and have delivered to our doorstep anything we could want or need .
In some ways , it has never been easier to have takeout , groceries , prescriptions , pet food , or anything else delivered directly to our homes . Yet , we ’ ve all experienced the downside of this burgeoning at-your-doorstep lifestyle – shipping delays , items out of stock , or orders suddenly cancelled due to a lack of resources in the supply chain . We ’ ve created an extreme demand for this new way of living and consuming so quickly that the supply chain is struggling like never before to keep up .
By Rob Slack , Industry Relations Executive at Openforce
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