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Technology is evolving at a brisk pace in this industry . That has software providers like us expanding development teams to meet current demands . At the same time , we feel it is critical to prepare customers for the future .
Having more technology to apply sounds great . And it is . But it also poses challenges to the carriers to review , test and adopt that technology . Some tech advancement can be on-boarded quickly and easily . Other features will need a collaborative effort from multiple teams to vet the technology , review the impact and project plan to put technology into production . Carriers should work towards a process they apply to bring in new technology , and of course to work closely with their current provider to do so when needed .
Working together will allow local and regional companies to compete with larger national delivery options . Technologies that make communication , visibility , and sharing of resources are extremely important components for success .
RICHARDSON 2021 could end up being a bull market . The economy is stacked to rebound as soon as COVID is safely behind us . The future will be challenging which is why it ’ s important to look at your technical and human capital to ensure you ’ ve got the right tools and minds to take advantage of strong growth .
It ’ s not just about technology . The people who use it must be effective and creative . Investments in training and hiring technically skilled people will always have a large impact on an organization . At the end of the day , companies are made up of great people and without them they don ’ t exist . CLDA
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