Class XXXVIII Nomination Information Final LL38 Nomination Form

2020-2021 Nomination Information A program of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce Increase your understanding of community issues... Leadership Lakeland is administered by a Program Director, Steering Committee, and the Board of Directors of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce. This group guides the program’s structure, budget, fees, and candidate selection. Goals Selection Criteria Leadership Lakeland enhances the development of long-term leadership in the community by: • • • • • • • • Identifying existing and emerging leadership from various geographic, occupational, and economic segments of the community who have a sincere commitment to remain in the Lakeland area. Acquainting the participants with a wide range of community issues, resources, and opportunities that exist in greater Lakeland and Polk County to discover a greater sense of community. Increasing the leadership skills of the participants and developing an “esprit de corps” among them, which will provide a common ground for working together on present and future community and Lakeland Chamber projects. Providing participants with an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with each other and existing community leaders to learn from the backgrounds and perspectives of one another. Assisting participants in finding placement in volunteer roles in the community and within the Lakeland Chamber with renewed energy to lead within their chosen arena. Acquainting the participants with the Leadership Lakeland Alumni Association. 2020-2021 L eadership L akeland C lass XXXVIII F or more information , please contact : • • • • • Individuals who have attained a top leadership position within their business/organization or who have the potential for advancement to top leadership positions. Individuals with excellent potential to play a significant role in the community’s future. Individuals who have demonstrated a commitment and interest to serve in the community and the Lakeland Chamber. Individuals who have an occupational commitment to remain in Lakeland. Individuals who represent a cross-section of the community including business, government, human services, community volunteers, and professionals. Individuals who will commit to one full day each month for eight months, a mandatory orientation/reception, a mandatory two- day opening retreat, an evening mid-year retreat, and a day-long closing retreat with graduation. Individuals who are physically able to participate in the strenuous/physically challenging agendas, which will include a considerable amount of walking, climbing stairs, and being in close quarters. Nicole Travis, Chair, Leadership Lakeland Class XXXVIII City of Lakeland (863) 834-6011 Chuck McDanal, Immediate Past Chair, Leadership Lakeland Class XXXVII Studio C Solutions (863) 225-1951 Sarah Breed, Program Director Lakeland Chamber of Commerce (863) 688-8551, Ext. 230