Clarke & Simpson Brochure 2021 - Page 6


Our particulars

Suits you sir !

Our offices in Framlingham used to be a gentlemen ’ s outfitters , and we ’ re still providing a tailored service today . While the measurements are now metres and hectares rather than inches , the ethos is the same : impeccable attention to detail , impressive quality standards , and a highly personalised experience .

Top of the class

All our partners are qualified Chartered Surveyors : it ’ s something that sets us apart from many of our counterparts .
Our base is the historic market town of Framlingham in Suffolk . We ’ re also strongly represented in London , to help those people in the capital who ’ d like to have a foothold in our beautiful county .

Going global

Last year we sold fine art to 63 countries around the world and registered bidders from many more .