Clarke & Simpson Brochure 2021 - Page 10


Our particulars

Suits you sir !

Our offices in Framlingham used to be a gentlemen ’ s outfitters , and we ’ re still providing a tailored service today . While the measurements are now metres and hectares rather than inches , the ethos is the same : impeccable attention to detail , impressive quality standards , and a highly personalised experience .

Top of the class

All our partners are qualified Chartered Surveyors : it ’ s something that sets us apart from many of our counterparts .
Our base is the historic market town of Framlingham in Suffolk . We ’ re also strongly represented in London , to help those people in the capital who ’ d like to have a foothold in our beautiful county .

Going global

Last year we sold fine art to 63 countries around the world and registered bidders from many more .
08 09 Thoroughness, personable, patience, unique. I couldn’t wish for more. Estate Management client Estate Management Estate management typifies the breadth and diversity of our business, with the team managing commercial and private estates throughout England and Scotland. Vastly experienced in traditional estate management, rural surveying and farming advice, our services include day-to-day management, book-keeping, rent reviews, and identifying opportunities for development. In all cases, our aim is to deliver the best outcomes for your estate. In recent years, we’ve played an instrumental role in a variety of residential developments, conservation schemes, farming arrangements, local employment initiatives and renewable energy schemes. We have even built a cricket pavilion! Managing private estates comes with a huge responsibility, not only to the family but the surrounding communities and environment as well. Sally Watts