ClairCity newsletter ClairCity newsletter January 2019 - Page 8

ClairCity Conference Citizen-led Air Pollution Reduction in Cities Citizen-led Air Pollution Reduction in Cities 25 10 April April 2018 2019 Sosnowiec, Poland Aveiro, Portugal Connected communities: Improving air quality and carbon emissions to protect public health We invite you to attend the ClairCity annual conference, held at the Assembleia Municipal de Aveiro, Edifício da Capitania in Aveiro, Portugal on 10 April 2019. This year the conference will focus on: • Understanding how local and regional collaborations can tackle air pollution and carbon emissions • Sharing best practice and cutting edge modelling and solutions For more information, visit Horizon 2020 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 689289. Next issue: Aveiro exhibition Presenting Bristol’s data A showcase of our annual conference, taking place in April, to share with all readers. Our first policy package will be released for policymakers and citizens to consider. Introducing Amsterdam The last of our partner cities will be in the spotlight. Meet the team Two more of our ClairCity team will answer our questions and share their interests in the ClairCity project. Newsletter acknowledgements: Graphics by Point Creative and Line Industries Content by Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol 8 Citizen-led air pollution reduction in cities