ClairCity newsletter ClairCity newsletter January 2019 - Page 7

Meet the team We share profiles of collaborators from our sixteen consortium partner organisations For me, it is a new experience and a learning opportunity. The project presents a different approach to the problems of atmospheric pollution and CO 2 emissions. The project has new challenges in the implementation and accomplishment of certain tasks, especially thinking about how to interact and engage with citizens across the region. Olga Cravo Project Manager, Intermunicipal Community of Aveiro Region (CIRA) What is your role in ClairCity? I am managing the work of CIRA (Intermunicipal Community of Aveiro Region) for ClairCity. This combines ensuring the appropriate data is collected from the eleven municipalities, coordinating locally for inputs and dissemination, and managing our local budget. I also have to make sure we have the right technical contacts and connections with other organisations in the region that will support the implementation of the project. What interests you in the project? 7 What do you hope for the future of your city? I hope we can expand “smooth mobility” (bicycle, walking and others) and the implementation of public transport policies that are more environmentally friendly. We need to take action to reduce the use of cars, especially in urban spaces. Olav ten Bosch Project Manager, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) Where do you live? I live in Delft, The Netherlands. What is your role in ClairCity? I manage the Statistics Netherlands activities in ClairCity. This includes developing and managing our data portal where partners share and develop our quantification, modelling and scenarios work. What interests you in the project? The combination of air quality and social science. One of the side- effects of being involved in ClairCity is that I came into contact with a local air quality group. I have built a PM, humidity and temperature measurement station in my backyard delivering real time data to citizen science portals.