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ClairCity Skylines live across Europe The free ClairCity Skylines game has now been released for all six pilot areas. Have you played yet? ClairCity Skylines is now live in all six partner languages, with the chance to play your way around all ClairCity areas. The first release of the game, targeted at Bristol, was launched in summer 2018. Amsterdam followed in the autumn and now Genoa, Ljubljana, Sosnowiec and the Aveiro Region have joined at the start of 2019. We are collecting evaluations from players to understand more about how the game makes them think about decision-making in their city, and whether it inspires them into any individual action. Gamifying engagement with public policy is a new field, and ClairCity is at the forefront of developing and testing this technology. We want to find out whether it can help a wider range of people engage in local decision-making, and whether the data gathered can assist policymakers in taking action on public health issues such as air pollution. Our evaluation team are collecting data from players to understand these questions and share our learning across Europe. To download the game for iOS, visit To download the game for Android, visit 4