ClairCity newsletter ClairCity newsletter January 2018 - Page 8

ClairCity Conference Citizen-led Air Pollution Reduction in Cities 25 April 2018 Sosnowiec, Poland Protecting citizen health: Mitigating air pollution from domestic heating and transport You are invited to join us for the ClairCity annual conference 2018, held at the Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park, Poland on 25 April 2018. This year the conference focus is on: • Understanding the challenges of urban air quality • Sharing best practice and cutting edge solutions for air pollution in cities For more information and registration visit Horizon 2020 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 689289. Next issue: Project update Find out how our busy schedule of events, game launches and public meetings has gone. Our app will be running in pilot organisations too. New research Our publications and reports will become publicly available in 2018. We will include summaries and links for readers. Mutual learning In each city, we are bringing together relevant organisations, businesses and groups to build networks of learning and action. Meet the team Two more of our ClairCity team will answer our questions and share their interests in the ClairCity project. Newsletter acknowledgements: Graphics by Line Industries Content by Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol 8