ClairCity newsletter ClairCity newsletter January 2018 - Page 7

Meet the team We share profiles of collaborators from our sixteen consortium partner organisations make to achieve healthier air, a healthier life and a healthier world. I like that this project focuses on behaviour, a focus I believe can be a large part of the solution for creating better air quality. What is your role in ClairCity and what interests you in the project? What do you hope for the future of your city? Mirjam Fredriksen, Årnes Senior Systems Developer at NILU, Norway Where in Europe do you live? I live in a small village about 60km from Oslo in Norway named Årnes. What is your role in ClairCity? Currently I work at NILU, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research as a senior system developer. I took my degree in IT Technology and programming 15 years ago. I am developing the ClairCity app. What interests you in the project? Personally, I am very engaged in the subject of air quality and the changes every one of us needs to 7 I really like that my town is small and close to the nature. In the last 10 years the population has increased a lot and the traffic goes right through the town centre. I hope that the town will keep developing, but that the traffic will be led outside of the centre. I hope they keep our beautiful green space besides the river as public space for everyone to enjoy together. Carlo Trozzi, Rome Chief Technical Officer at Techne Consulting, Italy What is your current job and where are you based? I’m Chief Technical Officer at Techne Consulting, a consultancy working on energy and environmental issues. I’ve worked with Techne Consulting for over 30 years. I live in Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a good climate and its historic centre. What interests you in the project? I have a scientific interest in air pollution issues in Europe, and new languages to communicate the origin of air pollution that can relate it better to the behaviour of citizens. I’m interested to see the game, and all other tools that will be produced by the project. In a more general view, as a european citizen, I have an interest in better air quality and quality of life in our cities. I hope to start a common path for all European cities to drastically reduce private motorized traffic and a gradual prohibition of fossil fuel powered motor vehicles.