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Play your way to the future Our innovative online game will give city residents the chance to put their imprint on the future of their city Launching in April 2018, the first city to be made playable by ClairCity is Bristol. All our pilot cities will be getting personalised games during 2018. The game, called ClairCity Skylines, allows players to move around different areas of their city and gives them choices over how they want the city to develop by 2050. As the clock ticks, players must take decisions that allow the city to survive on measures of happiness, economy, environment and health. If any one of the measures hit rock bottom, disaster will strike and the city will collapse Example graphics from the game show how the city can deteriorate over time. - but the player can start again to try to find the best possible future for their city. The game has been designed by Andy King and Alastair Callum in the Game Design department at UWE Bristol. It will be available for mobile and tablet on Google Play and Apple Store, and will be completely free for users to download and play. As well as being an engaging game for players, ClairCity Skylines serves a serious purpose. All game play is completely anonymous but each play is cached and analysed to understand which options are favoured by players in each city. What’s more, the scoring that determines whether the city succeeds or fails is based on calculated ratings from real world impacts of different decisions. So while players can live out their fantasy world for 2050, their choices and solutions may have legitimate impacts on future proposals for their city. ClairCity conference Poland 2018 There is no cost to attend the conference for any interested organisations or individuals, and we are inviting poster presentations from attendees. The conference will be held at the Science and Technology Park in Sosnowiec. The second annual ClairCity conference takes place on 25 April 2018 in Sosnowiec, Poland. Our free conference brings together experts and interested audiences to focus on citizen health. The 2018 theme is mitigating air pollution from domestic heating and transport. Invited speakers include local, national and international experts on air pollution, with contributions from NGOs, local government and national agencies alongside ClairCity partner organisations. Our events are an unique opportunity to share local, regional and national actions to address air pollution. 5 There will be special attention given to the issue of pollution generated from solid fuel use, and heating as a cause of air quality issues. This is of particular relevance to Poland alongside many other countries where solid fuels continue to be a primary heating source in urban areas. To register, go to For more information please contact