ClairCity newsletter ClairCity newsletter January 2018 - Page 4

A pilot schools workshop on air pollution in Bristol ClairCity in practice Throughout 2017 our team was in action across all six pilot cities and regions. Across Liguria, Bristol, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Sosnowiec and the Aveiro region we have been running surveys and workshops with citizens. Each pilot area has managed a combination of live events, social media campaigns, networks and publicity to reach residents. These activities are continuing into 2018, with ongoing work in the Aveiro region, Liguria and Ljubljana. Here we provide a small snapshot of the activities across Europe to give a taste of the engagement that is at the heart of ClairCity. The Liguria region led a social media campaign reaching over 14,000 residents in their efforts. Through working in local forums, providing context to ongoing news and following up with social media users, the team managed to attract over 640 respondents to the first round questionnaire for ClairCity. Workshop for residents in Sosnowiec, Poland The Aveiro region managed to involve over 1,000 people in their first questionnaire, with more still to be included in their second round. Similarly, across Ljubljana and Sosnowiec the city councils have ensured widespread reach of the ClairCity activities across different neighbourhoods in each city. Amsterdam and Bristol have both also run workshops for local residents to attend and find out more about air pollution and climate change, as well as giving their opinions on how they want their cities to develop in the future. Face to face surveys in the Aveiro region, Portugal 4