ClairCity newsletter ClairCity newsletter December 2019 - Page 7

Meet the team We share profiles of collaborators from our sixteen consortium partner organisations this model in being used for all sorts of social-ecological issues. What do you hope for the future of your city? I want Bristol to have a platform where all people have the ability to influence decision-making, and for all our neighbourhoods to support low impact liing and healthy, happy lives, as standard. Sophie Laggan Communications Officer, UWE Bristol Vera AM Rodriguez Assistant Researcher, University of Aveiro What is your role in ClairCity? Where do you live? I’m working with all partners to support their communications and alongside colleagues in Bristol to design ClairCity communications - including this newsletter! Having joined during the last phase of the project, my role is to work specifically on our dissemination materials and help the project have a lasting impact in the cities and regions I live in Ilhavo, one of the 11 municipalities of the Intermunicipal Community of Aveiro Region (CIRA). What interests you in the project? The innovative approach to engaging with citizens and policy makers. In particular, I see value in 7 What is your role in ClairCity? I have been involved in ClairCity, mainly in WP5 activities, through the quantification of impacts of citizens’ behaviour and future scenarios on air quality and population exposure. I have also been directly involved in the implementation of citizens’ engagement activities from WP4 in the Aveiro Region. What interests you in the ClairCity project? ClairCity allowed me to have a completely new experience, as a professional, but also as a citizen, of engagement of our community with the topics of air quality and carbon footprint. What do you hope for the future of your city? I hope that in the future we will strengthen our efforts to improve the air quality of our region. In particular, the impacts on air quality of PM emissions from wood burning for residential heating during winter.