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Aveiro Regional Congress & ClairCity Day The Aveiro region recently gathered for their Annual Congress. Seen as the region’s most pressing issue, mobility and its implications for the environment and urban spaces was top of the agenda. Mobility - a hot topic On 16th October, 230 delegates from across the region gathered at the two-day Annual Congress for the Aveiro Region. Citizens, municipal and intermunicipal representatives, associations, businesses, mobility, energy and transport, as well as health professionals and educators all joined in the lively debates and engaging exhibitions, including one by our ClairCity Aveiro team. Our colleague Vera Rogrigues presented the ClairCity project before the regional team co-hosted an exhibition during the ClairCity Regional Day. The purpose of the exhibition was to allow the dissemination of examples of good practices of projects and services from each of the eleven municipalities in the region, covering the environment (carbon footprint reduction, air quality), ClairCity’s exhibition was well attended. mobility (pedestrian, cycling, electric cars), climate change adaptation, health and wellbeing, and energy efficiency. Recommendations Several recommendations emerged during the conference, including suggestions to: optimise the regions transport service and intercity mobility network; promote active travel, particularly among those with reduced mobility; build bike paths for commuting and promote tele-working; and improve energy efficiciency and outdated heating in the residential sector. Recommendations to optimise policy articulation across levels, controls on agriculture burning and co-benefits from better air, energy, health and climate were also put forward. Many provocations were captured during the course of the two days and for details of those you can read our blog: claircity-regional-day/ Well done to the Aveiro team for their contributions; it sounds like a meaningful and solution-focused event! Vera Rodrigues speaking at the Regional Conference 19. Website refresh By now we hope you’ve all had a chance to play around with the new website - Sophie Laggan (new Communication Officer) set to work on updating the site after joining the team in August. Improving navigability and making our products more visible was the main goal for the refresh. So what’s new: • A streamlined home page, with three navigation options • Sub-navigation within pages for users to easily find content most relevant to them • Streamlined city pages • Drop down buttons to ‘read more’ content 4 The biggest (and perhaps most exciting) change can be seen on our Take Action page. Here you will see options to select your user category (e.g. policy makers) and be navigated to a page relevant to you. Below the question you can filter all the ClairCity resources, making it easier for users to access and share all of the materials we’ve produced. Have a suggestion to make or materials to add to our library? Please email: