ClairCity final newsletter February 2021 - Page 7

An update from our partner cities

What have our partner cities have been up to since ClairCity ? Are they continuing to work towards clean air futures ? Read on to find out
Wood burning is a growing health- and environmentrelated issue , and is a particular problem in affluent cities like Amsterdam and Bristol . Aware of this fact , both cities are seeking to address the issue through awareness raising campaigns and actions . Many cities , we are sure , will be hot on their heels to make this problem more well known .
Throughout 2020 , Amsterdam initiated several actions to increase visibility of AQ data . First was an art piece commissioned for the Amsterdam light festival depicting the city ’ s air quality levels . Next , the City of Amsterdam produced several news stories about clean air routes to the city which were broadcast on the local news network . Lastly , Amsterdam organized an ‘ Open Air Exposition ’. Part of the exposition was a ‘ clean air ’ photo contest , an air quality city walk , promotion of the city ’ s green cycling route and an online masterclass about air quality . The measuring stations in the city have been made more visible as a consequence of the exposition and now include information on the function of the building .
Meanwhile , over in Bristol work is ongoing on the Clean Air Zone ( CAZ ) and it looks likely the City will be implementing a small Class D CAZ , which means drivers of all vehicles will be charged within the zone , including cars , if they do not meet the latest emissions standards . The City Council partners are continuing to work on many initiatives to promote walking , cycling and public transport options and working towards safer streets outside schools and low traffic neighbourhoods ( LTN ), among other places .
In response to the Covid Pandemic , space is being made for socially distanced walking and cycling in Bristol by taking road space away from cars . This has been possible by Government funding made available to Local Authorities and changes to traffic order legislation to allow these changes to happen quickly .
Ljubljana has been progressing a number of projects . Last summer it mapped city air pollution hotspots at with citizens . A few months later it began work on their digital strategy for the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge . Most recently , Ljubljana became a local partner within EUTOPIA ( European Universities Alliance ), where the City is encouraging students to solve local and global social and environmental challenges , and at the time of publishing , the City are preparing to submit a project for the EU ’ s Mission Area on Climate Neutral and Smart Cities .
Last but not least , our Portuguese partner CIRA recently announced a call to develop the Region ’ s Intermunicipal Strategic Program with a requisite that applicants consider the conclusions of ClairCity in their proposal .