CJA 305 Final Exam Guide CJA 305 Final Exam Guide - Page 7

A) may rely on the fleeing felon rule. B) may shoot Bob to stop him. C) must retreat before using deadly force. D) must follow the alter ego rule. 16) ________ admit that the action committed by the defendant was wrong and that it violated the criminal law, but claim that the defendant should not be held accountable under the criminal law by virtue of special conditions or circumstances that suggest the defendant is not responsible for his or her deeds. A) Mistakes of law B) Excuses C) Errors D) Justifications 17) Bob flies into New York City and goes to the baggage area to get his suitcase. He takes the wrong bag, a black one identical to his, thinking he has the correct bag. The real owner of the bag stops him and accuses Bob of theft. Bob's defense is: A) ignorance of the law. B) psycholegal error. C) mistake of fact.