CJA 305 Final Exam Guide CJA 305 Final Exam Guide - Page 4

8) Bob turns 21 and goes out and buys his first six-pack of beer. The next week, the drinking age is raised to 22 and the sheriff arrests Bob for buying that six-pack. Bob is the victim of: A) the void-for-vagueness principle. B) proximate cause. C) an ex post facto law. D) the principle of legality. 9) Bob decides to kill Ray. He takes a loaded gun and goes to Ray's house. He sees Ray sitting on the porch and takes a shot at him. What Bob didn't know was that Ray died of a heart attack, there on his porch, a half-hour before Bob arrived. If Bob is charged with attempted homicide, he might claim the defense of: A) renunciation. B) impossibility. C) strict liability. D) abandonment.