CJA 305 Final Exam Guide CJA 305 Final Exam Guide - Page 12

C) knowingly. D) recklessly. 28) The elements of ________ are: 1) the felonious taking of personal property, 2) from the person or immediate presence of another, 3) against the will of the victim, and 4) accomplished by means of force or by putting the victim in fear. A) theft B) robbery C) larceny D) burglary 29) Bob lies to Ray. He tells Ray that he has permission to go into Mary's house while she is at work and borrow her TV. In reality, Mary expressly told Bob he could not enter her house or borrow her TV. Bob asks Ray to do him a favor and go get the TV for him. Ray goes in the house and brings Bob the TV. This is an example of: A) looting. B) uttering. C) constructive entry. D) criminal mischief.