City Of Prophets Speak Vol.1 - Page 9

Beth Murray

2016 Prophetic.Affirmation

"Ready or not I am coming to you (Prophets) in 2016. Change will come whether you are ready or not. I have called you to a place to stand in obedience, for 2016 will try the reigns of the prophetic voice I have anointed you with. I am stripping away all flesh that spirit may live. I am taking you to a place to call into the earth sound wisdom that will shake every ordinance sent out to destroy the works of heaven. The battle ground you think you are fighting on is that of flesh. I ask you sons and daughters to yield yourself for a greater work in the spiritual realm. The great falling away in the political arena is my doing....the great falling away in the church is my doing. Prophets must stand to know each move that I make and where to hear, see, and only respond as I I command you. There is a place to see as seers that only I can bring you to. Keep out of fleshly matters....stay out of the emotional schemes of the enemy. Charge your atmosphere with my presence. Come unto me and I will show you how to decrease in this hour. Call unto me and I will hear, for a greater glory shall be revealed and unveiled.