City Of Prophets Speak Vol.1 - Page 6

2016 Will Be A Year of Changes!

Wanda James

This is the year (2016) that as you retire from the secular jo, I will open doors in the spiritual realm to keep you employed. For the doors are set and lined up. For I am moving people into position for my favor is upon you.

For as I did the unusual for you three weeks ago, I am doing the unusual now. Stay consistent, stay watchful and take the children I send to you, under your wings as a bird protects her young.

The spirit of impatience is turned into the fruit of the spirit Patience. For the people need a shepherd that will feed them milk, baby food, solid food and adult food which will be hard to swallow. But if they chew on the food, the Word of God, they will grow into strong adults able to retain and produce after their own kind.

This is seedtime and harvest. Your harvest has come in. Start peeling the skin, shelling the peas, shredding the corn, picking the grapes, and plucking the berries.

---Peeling the skin – peeling away grime, hurt, rejection, and depression; everything that takes you out of my presence.

Shelling Peas – Remove from pods. Remove from the root, open wounds being healed. Healing of the mind and healing of the body.

---Shredded Corn – shed dead weight, sin that keep you from moving in the realm of the spirit or in the things of God.

---Picking grapes – handpicked for such a time as this.

Plucking berries - When eagles find that they can no longer fly as high as they want, they will pluck their bad feathers on purpose so a new one will grow back and they can fly higher. God is plucking your wings so you can soar higher.

Sheliah Sutton

God says,"in this New Year, the reason why he is cleaning the hidden parts. There is nothing in the next season that shall not be revealed in 2016. That's why we have to set our house in order. This next year is being ordered..and you shall have clarity like never before," saith the Lord of Host. "There is no hiding. It's God's order that shall govern our next move in him. So be at peace as this is your season and there shall be no more regets. No looking back! Isaiah (1-66,) the word will be our govern for us in this next year or season. We shall have those things that we did not ask God for, even those things that we forgot. Be vigilant and alert because there is another mandate that God is calling us to.. Yes there is a remnant and we are it," saith the Lord ...Be blessed!