City Of Prophets Speak Vol.1 - Page 5

A Year Of Positioning

"This shall season of shifting! You will begin to hear about great Men and Women of God emerging upon platforms, while others will pass mantles and retire from the scene. It's Time! I shall place Prophets in political positions to govern, even as I did in the days of Samuel and Solomon, so think it not strange. They shall contend with the forces of cities and regions and have the insight into what I desire and decree within the earth. I am awakening a generation of youth pastors as has not happened in your generation. They shall not be governed by their parents but raised of Me. The Spirit of Josiah shall rest upon their heads and they shall have the boldness as in the times of old. Those that have been overlooked in ministry but have been faithful, I shall open doors for them. But woe unto them that run before Me, they shall utterly fall. They that are steadfast and wait of Me shall prosper in all they put their hands to do," says The Spirit Of The Lord. (Prophetess Sandylove)