City Of Prophets Speak Vol.1 - Page 2

While dining in my favorte resturant, I sat down, opening the menu eagerly. There was no waiter nor waitress to assist me. As I proceeded to look around a waitress appeared from out of nowhere.

Eagerness Roared

The eagerness of my belly roared because I hadn't eaten all day. As the waitress began to write I instructed her to prepare my steak medium well done, to add a baked potato with the works, and to bring a small house salad. She confirmed the order and walked away.

Fifteen mintiues passed. Yet again I was looking around for my order. Suddenly, I see the cook with steak in hand headed in my direction. As he began to set the order down, I noticed something was wrong. There was no salad and there was no baked potato, but rather rice. Immediately I brought this awareness to the waiteress. She apologized and proceeded back toward the kitchen. Three minutes later she returned only to tell me that there were no potatoes left. My stomach had lost all feeling to eat so I canceled the order and walked out.

What came to mind is how disappointed I was that I wouldn't be able to sink my teeth into what I had ordered. I thought about an article I wrote earlier about how God will order things that we didn't order. No one orders adversity, pain, nor disappointments yet God does. He doesn't ask you how the test or trial should be served, but he orders it and serves it in accordance to His plan. For a moment I thought about the meal that I just walked out on and how I was so disappointed as to the service, but it all made sense. Isn't it funny how God orders meals througout life which we never asked for? God orders things that He knows will bring the best out of us even if it seems not so pleasant. Here I was complaining about the steak, and rightfully so, but I realized that with God it's not about what we want as much as it is about what He wants for us.

In 2016 and beyond God is about to order the steps of His people who desire to do His will. His will has nothing to do with material goods or prestige, but is all about the will of God in the earth. God is positioning His people to walk in areas of honor and promotions will be on all sides. Only to him who is obedient will see and eat the good of the land.

(Prophetess Sandylove)

ordered steps!