City Of Prophets Speak Vol.1 - Page 18

Spiritual  Alignment       This  shall  be  a  year  of  global  change,  and  I  shall  shift  your  nation  on  its  axis!  I  shall   reposition  my  Bride  until  she  calls  out  for  her  God,  which  I  am!  They  have  forgotten   who  I  am,  and  think  that  I  should  answer  them  based  upon  their  new  age  intellect   upon  their  generational  understanding.  However,  they  must  remember  that  they   can’t  con  Me,  nor  manipulate  their  Creator?  Rituals  do  not  move  me;  I  am  moved  by   truth  from  the  inward  parts!  I  am  moved  through  their  repentance.     For  it  has  been  spoken  in  years  past,  that  I  have  changed  the  guard,  but  this  year,   you  shall  SEE  GLOBAL  manifestation  of  those  words  from  past  prophets.  I  am   shifting  out  kings  that  walk  in  the  spirit  of  Nebuchadnezzar, who worship Me through convenience, but inwardly see themselves as gods. Like him, I shall bring them to their knees, until they see clearly that I am God! I shall replace them with a generation of Prophets/vessels, kept in waiting, and who gave birth in deserted barren places called caves. These are those whom I have hand picked, and that have endured great persecution, but DID not abandon their post. As I have showed you, I am calling Prophets into Political offices in this hour. To many, it will appear that they have abandoned their position within the local churches, but these are the promotions of My hand, and these are the expansions of what you call the Jabez prayer. They have their orders, they understand them, and I call them My Gatekeepers, who shall watch over cities, regions, and spheres, turning over all that I instruct them, and praying for diverse areas of assignment.