City Manager's Bi-Weekly Report (9/3/21) Volume 5 | Issue 16 | Sept. 3, 2021 | Page 4

Strategic Goals

The City ’ s Strategic Plan is the guiding document that the City Council and staff use to fulfill a strategic vision to be a safe , beautiful and prosperous City for all people . The entire organization is focused on carrying out the strategic plan , which is updated every year based on citizen input through the annual Citizen Survey and Citizen Summit .
Safe , Clean & Beautiful
An essential part of bringing the plan to life is measuring performance through objective indicators and reporting those results back to citizens .
In the City Manager ’ s Bi-Weekly Report , we will highlight projects specifically prioritized in the strategic plan that have achieved milestones , or where changes have occurred in our effort to remain transparent and proactive .
In addition , strategic plan “ badges ” will indicate the strategic goal that each project , program or event advances , as everything that we do at the City of Port St . Lucie aligns with our Strategic Plan .
Vibrant Neighborhoods
Quality Education for All Residents
Diverse Economy & Employment Opportunities
High Quality Infrastructure & Facilities
Culture , Nature & Fun Activities
High-Performing City Government Organization
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