City Manager's Bi-Weekly Report (9/3/21) Volume 5 | Issue 16 | Sept. 3, 2021 - Page 15

Office of Emergency Management

Hurricane tips : Pets
Pets are a very important parts of the family . Have you made a plan to ensure your pets will be prepared for a hurricane ?
• Once a tropical storm warning has been issued , keep animals inside . Try not to leave them unattended ( they ’ re scared , too ) and absolutely do not leave them behind in your home if you evacuate .
• If your pet is lost during a storm , call Port St Lucie Animal Control at 772-871-5042 .
• Microchip your pet in advance , in case their ID tags get lost . This way if your pet gets turned into Animal Control , they will be able to scan the chip for your contact information . Also , make sure chipped pets have up-to-date contact information with their chip .
• Assemble a pet kit . Similar to your emergency kit , you would want to have one for your dogs and cats as well . It should include a three-to-five-day day supply of pet food and treats , bottled water , bowls for food and water , medicines , cat litter , cleansers , plus newspapers and extra plastic bags to handle pet waste . To keep your pet entertained , pack toys or bones , and a leash and collar . Have a carrier large enough for the animal to stand in and turn around and a blanket big enough to cover it . Keep your pet ’ s vaccination records in the kit as well .
• Make sure your pets are part of your evacuation plan . If it isn ’ t safe for you to remain at home , then it isn ’ t safe for your pet either . Check with your vet before a storm to see if they offer boarding services , or prepay for boarding services with a local boarding facility .
For more information about how to keep your pets safe during hurricane season , visit www . cityofpsl . com / hurricane .
Safe , Clean & Beautiful
Hurricane season June 1 – Nov . 30 Are you ready ? Visit , www . cityofpsl . com / hurricane
City continues vaccination POD outreach at Keiser University , Somerset College Preparatory Academy
New outreach video available online
The City of Port St Lucie ’ s Office of Emergency Management is working diligently to ensure residents have every opportunity to get the COVID-19 vaccine as conveniently and safely as possible . The City has partnered with Dr . Mark Pamer , a local pulmonologist , to have vaccination pods ( points of distribution ) throughout the City , on dates and times announced on www . cityofpsl . com . On Friday , Aug . 20 , over 70 people received either a first dose of Pfizer or the one-dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccines . ( The City administered both vaccines ). Also , on Aug . 26 , over 170 people were vaccinated at Somerset College Preparatory Academy .
Our next Vaccination POD is Friday , Sept . 10 , at Keiser University The clinic will be administering Pfizer , Moderna , and Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines . Johnson & Johnson is a single-dose vaccine . Pfizer and Moderna both require a first and a second dose ; a third dose is recommended for patients who self-disclose that they are moderate to severely immunocompromised . All doses are available at this clinic . The POD will operate from 1-5 p . m . and no appointment is necessary .
Becuase of the recent uptick in COVID cases and the inability present our hurricane and other hazards presentations in person , to our local community HOAs and others , the OEM decided to record our presentation and place it on YouTube so the community could have access to the presentations all the time .
Visit https :// www . youtube . com / watch ? v = DUdsP8acs74 and get the most up-to-date information on the various hazards ( not just hurricanes ) that we have in our communities .
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