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Cheer for the Simplicity: This AU1060-51E timepiece displays an addiction to the simplicity through its creative architecture. The Black 40mm dial carries nothing, still it symbolises the smartness. Today’s generation believes more in casual gesture than the exaggerated ones and this timepiece speaks the same. The 40mm black dial has the brand logo embossed on it. The white hands make the complete design even more attractive. The stainless steel strap embraces the wrist of men in a fashionable way. Added to this, the Eco-drive feature satiates the craving minds of today. Express your Individuality: Technologies and architectures are in equal measure in BM7334-66L timepiece. The 39mm blue dial has a colour play with golden hands and indexes. Revealing a simple yet stunning gesture, this timepiece breaks the rule of conventional crafting. This Eco-Drive watch accompanies you to every occasion because of its creative look. The dial is encircled with a golden bezel that is further appreciated by the stainless steel strap. Having both formal as well as casual moods, it expresses your personality in a smart way.